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Every month we host a Professional Development Learning Webinar with renowned speakers that bring content catered to our global community of language teachers.

Featured: Keeping Connected: Leveraging Body Language as your Virtual Superpower

Season 1, Episode 3

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Teaching Different Age Groups Online


Not only does teaching different age groups present unique challenges but doing so online, brings forth a whole different dimension!

In this interactive session we will:

  • discuss the importance of being able to relate to what is going on in your students’ worlds according to their age group;
  • learn how to look back at when we were their age and wonder what appealed to us then, and if it will still resonate with them today;
  • look at ways to effectively engage the age groups you are teaching by keeping your lessons meaningful, relatable and above all… fun!

Season 1, Episode 4    |    66 min

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Coming on July 15, 2021

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