Specially Crafted to Attract & Engage Young Learners

Individualized Assessment

Built-in analytic tools give teachers the ability to assess, report on, and improve student performance.


Capture learners’ attention while challenging and engaging them in a thoroughly interactive learning experience.

Blended Learning

Empower your teachers by turning the learning process into a mobile, social, and accessible blended experience.

Pronunciation Technology

The proprietary virtual conversation tool enables learners to participate in a simulated scenario with an avatar before engaging in a conversation with a real life partner.


Customize your course by selecting from our vast library of lessons to complement your curriculum, while addressing all of your student’s needs.

Digital Library

Access a wide variety of new and enriching learning materials which can be customized to meet learner and corporate training expectations.

Our Courses

Winnies World course logo

Winnie's World

A  gamified English course for non-readers with blended-learning.

English Academy course logo

English Academy

An engaging course designed for students to learn English from grades 1 to 6.

Campus course logo


A comprehensive general English language course, designed for students on their teens and up. From CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.

EFS course logo

English for Success

Our flagship English course is recommended for older students, taking them from CEFR Pre A1 to B2 levels.

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