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Million Language Learners


Countries, LATAM, Asia, Europe


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Increase Students Enrollments by Offering 5000+ Hours of Language Content

ELL’s LMS gives your institution a competitive advantage by offering your students instant access to over 5000+ hours of ready-to-use courses.

Use LMS to Cut Operational Costs While Increasing Productivity

Cut operational costs, increase communication speed, eliminate print material, and reduce unnecessary subscriptions.

Why Choose ELL’s all-in-one Language LMS and Programs?

Access all the academic and administrative features you need in one easy-to-use software.

Seamless Administration and Simplify Communication

White Label for Your Brand

Customize the logo and colors of the LMS to stand out and give your organization a professional brand image.

Dashboards For Students and Staff

Students, teachers, and staff have their own uniquely tailored dashboard to make learning easier.

Track Student Progress

Get detailed insights into student progress to ensure their English language learning success.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Our learning reports provide critical student data to effectively identify where students need improvement.

Streamlined Student-Teacher Communication

LMS offers seamless communication between teachers and students with our built-in chat function and alert tools.

Better Learning Experience, Better Results

Built-in Testing & Certification Solution

Students’ English and Portuguese language skills can be tested against CEFR levels. Staff can also batch create customized testing certificates

Customizable Learning Content

Teachers can upload their own material and choose supplementary content from ELL’s rich learning library.

Printable Lesson Handouts

Teachers can download handouts that can be used to supplement learning in the classroom.

On-The-Go Language Learning

With ELL’s mobile app Ola, students can practice their language skills anywhere and at anytime.

Accent and Intonation Feedback

Our proprietary tool gives students real-time feedback to further perfect their speaking skills.

Built-in Language Programs With ELL’s LMS

We offer a variety of programs at each different CEFR level catering to your organization’s specific language learning needs.

Learn English and World Languages






5000+ Hours of e-Learning Content

Students will have access to our vast selection of online language courses designed for all different language levels and learning styles.

Who is ELL’s Learning Management System (LMS) For?

ELL’s Learning Management System is designed for language education institutions with online or blended classrooms.

LMS for Universities and Colleges

ELL’s LMS offers universities a various features that are designed to meet the needs of students and educators.

LMS for K-12 Schools & Language Schools

Administer tests and track student progress without having to manage a tangled bunch of complicated programs.

LMS for Corporations

ELL’s innovative LMS provides businesses and managers with an easy and efficient way to manage their employee’s language training.

Boost Your Organization's Productivity with the Best All-In-One Language LMS

Join hundreds of other successful institutions that deliver
easy-to-learn language programs with ELL’s simple and stress-free LMS.

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