A New Magical Way to Teach Languages With Hollywood Movies

A New Magical Way to Teach Languages With Hollywood Movies

Ready-To-Use Interactive Lessons, 1000+ Movies and 5000+ Hours of E-Learning Content

Teachers can choose from hundreds of curriculum-aligned video lessons that track student’s language comprehension and understanding.

AI-Enabled Search Engine to Find Movie Content for More Creative Lessons

Teachers can use our Google-like search engine to find films and clips to create amazing learning content.

All Movie-Based Lessons Are Aligned with The CEFR Framework

All lessons developed by ELL follow the CEFR framework, ensuring comprehensive language-learning for individuals at all levels.

All-In-One Language LMS Increases Productivity and Reduces Operational Costs

Scale up your language division by transforming the way you deliver your language programs with ELL’s Advanced Learning Management System (LMS).

Aprende inglés y lenguas internacionales

Harness The Power of Blockbuster Films

Your institution can now deliver a more unique and engaging learning experience with more than 1000 beloved movies.

Student Can Interact with Their Favorite Movie Stars!

Our speech-recognition technology encourages students to practice their speaking skills by talking directly to their favourite movie characters .

Stimulate Critical Thinking with Rich Storylines

By diving into rich narratives, our movie-based programs engage your students critical-thinking while they learn the language.

Strengthen Students’ Cultural Diversity Without Leaving the Classroom

Transport your students to different cultures around the world so they can learn to appreciate cultural diversity

Discover The Magic of Hollywood Movie Based Language Learning Solutions

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