Dealing with Differentiation: Don’t Despair!

The word ‘differentiation’ can be off-putting to teachers. Often it is perceived as increasing our workloads
and complicating our lives, and we resist trying to implement it.
In this webinar, Laura McWilliams will help us:
  • Understand the concept of differentiation and how it can benefit both you and your students
  • Learn about the different ways in which learners can have varying needs and how to identify them
  • Discover practical strategies to make differentiation more manageable, even with low resources
  • Explore low-resource methods that you can use to differentiate instruction
  • Get equipped with the tools you need to take your teaching to the next level
Guest speaker: Laura McWilliams
Laura is an academic manager for a large global ELT organization. She is currently based in Egypt and has previously worked in the United Kingdom and Europe. She is a tutor for the Cambridge DELTA and the Trinity TYLEC, and has presented at numerous international conferences. She volunteers as coordinator of the IATEFL Young Learner and Teenagers Special Interest Group to support the global YL ELT community. Her classroom practice interests include extensive reading, the use of drama, a focus on 21st-century skills, and diversity and inclusion.
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