English AcadeMe Junior Presentation

We are pleased to invite you to join the enlightening webinar with our guest speaker Vinicius Nobre.

In this engaging webinar, Vinicius Nobre will conduct a live webinar providing an in-depth demonstration of English AcadeMe+ Junior’s features.

Key Highlights:

    • Immersive Hollywood movie content
    • 4 Skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • Project-based learning
    • Soft CLIL (STEAM-related content)
    • Teacher mediation 
    • Printable worksheets, flashcards and activities


Bio: Vinicius Nobre is the Director of Pedagogy at Everybody Loves Languages, and has been an executive in the ELT industry for over 20 years. Vinnie has been the Director of Education in some of the largest and most reputable language centres in Brazil. He is also an international author, having co-authored two series of course books for k-12 with Pearson and contributed to dozens of publications by some of the major ELT publishers. 

He has also co-written two methodology books with Cengage (“Getting into Teacher Education: a handbook” and “Getting into ELT Assessment”) and one with SBS/DELI (“Teaching English Today: Contexts and Objectives). Vinnie has worked as a consultant all around Latin America, delivering workshops, plenary sessions and academic counselling in several countries to both the private and public sectors, and is also a CELTA and DELTA tutor. He is a tutor for the MA program from the University of Chichester and for post-graduation courses in Brazil and Canada. He was also the president of the Brazilian Association of English Teachers (BRAZ-TESOL). He holds the DELTA, an MA in Language Teaching, two post-graduate certificates in Business Management, and the Further Certificate in Teaching Business English (LCCI).
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