ELL Learning Series:

Giving an active role to language students

Gimme a break! Activities designed to get students working harder than you do.

You work so hard every day to provide great input and stay in the target language, but sometimes you just need a break! In this session, you will learn several activities designed to improve classroom management and make students work harder than you do! Leave this session with virtual or in-person ideas you can use in the next class. Some examples will be in Spanish, but activities could be adjusted to fit any language course.

Presenter: Rachel Gassner

Bio: Rachel Gassner, Spanish Teacher at Whitfield School in St. Louis, MO. Rachel has been teaching Spanish for 12 years across the St. Louis area. She currently serves as the Department Chair of her school and is the Conference Chair of the Foreign Language Association of Missouri. She is passionate about teaching language in context and making language learning fun. She loves teaching 12-15-years-old but has taught all ages. Her goal in the classroom is to help students feel confident and capable of communicating in a second language.

Platform: Microsoft Teams Live Event

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