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Keeping Connected: Leveraging Body Language as your Virtual Superpower


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Keeping Connected: Leveraging Body Language as your Virtual Superpower

Zoom fatigue is real… and engaging both in-person and virtual participants during meetings can be a challenge.

Discover how to use body language as a superpower to elevate your communication and increase productivity.

This presentation will cover the must-haves when virtually communicating and provide you with tips and tricks for reading and engaging students online.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to make eye contact (especially when there are 20+ faces on your screen)
  • How to make a great virtual and digital-first impression!
  • The video technique Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Aniston, and Matthew McConaughey have mastered to enhance their video charisma and build trust
  • How to give appropriate space virtually while making sure you have the right angle
  • Lighting, background, & sound equipment needed to get the job done

Presenter: Kristin Bock

Bio: Kristin Bock, is a certified body language specialist and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She has over 25+ years of non-profit experience in the caregiving field and has worked in a variety of positions including a Live-in Manager at a group home, Management Supervisor, Human Resources Specialist, and Staff Development Coordinator. For 17 years she was an Employee Trainer and it is in this position where she became aware of the true power of body language. Learn more about her.

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