5 Essential Features to look for in Language Learning Software.

How do you choose the right language learning software? With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to find an ideal language-learning software that fits your organization.

This article highlights the core features you should look for when choosing language learning software. Whether you are preparing students for a language exam such as IELTS or TOEFL or training your workforce to work with other languages, at ELL we have grown in leaps and bounds to serve your needs as learning increasingly moves online.

By combining the knowledge of linguistic experts with the needs of the many educational institutions we serve, 5 essential features are most salient.


The Top Five Features Our Clients Are Looking For In A Language Learning Solution

1. Is it Based on Real Life Scenarios?

Focusing on sentence structure, grammar, and lexis are crucial elements in language learning, but that alone won’t bring a learner to fluency in a foreign language. Instead, a program that teaches familiar expressions used in everyday life will make language learning more realistic and relate students to the real world. This feature presents scenarios that make learners see themselves in that situation so that once it happens to them in actual life, they would know what words to use.

2. All-in-One Learning Ecosystem

Think about what every learning experience needs at the most basic level. Beyond just teaching content, you have to administer assignments and examinations, provide insight reports on student performance, and set up file sharing for students to access resources conveniently. Look for software that comes with features that perform the daily duties that your program director, teachers or administrative team need to have. Tracking grades and program progression, test scores, and providing a place to deposit assignments are all essential functions to look for on a language learning LMS.  The more essential functions that are addressed, the easier it is to decide on which software fits your needs.

3.Interactive Learning Activities

Learning a foreign language takes significant time persistence and dedication. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun process. An effective language learning platform will make it enjoyable and easy for students to remain motivated and engaged with classmates through chat functions. Look for language learning software that provides interactive learning activities such as games, quizzes, and virtual rewards for every module completed.

4. Real-Time Reports

Most times, without any tangible valuation, students find it difficult to know if they are making actual progress when learning a language. An effective language software provides insight and tracking of student performance. It becomes easy for students to know what they are best at and what areas they need to improve. This feature helps the teacher to track student’s progress and overall institution development.

5. Speech Recognition

Despite mastering many vocabularies, students can sometimes find it challenging to speak a foreign language in public. Because pronunciation is vital in language learning, it is essential to find software that offers students the opportunity to practice speaking. Speech recognition software analyzes the student’s pronunciation ability and provides instant feedback scores showing exactly where in a word or sentence pronunciation needs improvement.


The Strength & Benefits ELL Brings to your Organization

ELL presents an all-in-one language learning ecosystem for your institution. We provide organizations with the latest in technology combined with the most modern language teaching methodology for learning English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Mandarin that are founded on well-established and professional methodologies.


The Communicative Language Teaching Approach (CLT)

Our language-learning systems are founded on this modern and internationally recognized approach that emphasizes:

  • Effective Communication as the Primary Goal: No memorizing grammar and vocabulary out of context. Learn through authentic language use.
  • Student-centred Learning: Students should be the center of activities such as role-play, interviews, group/pair work, opinion sharing and information gap tasks. The teacher or program should serve this goal.
  • Authentic Materials: Learning materials should be real-world and easy for learners to identify with utilizing familiar contexts and topics.
    4-Skill Integration: Reading, writing, listening, and Speaking rarely happen in isolation and lessons that integrate them simulate real-life for more effective learning outcomes.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

This is the international standard for determining one’s language ability on a six-level scale. The CEFR precisely informs the linguistic competencies a learner must achieve at each level.  The CEFR directly informs how all language courses at ELL are structured to ensure learners progress and achieve these competencies according to this predominant international standard.

Technology That Enhances Teaching and Learning

ELL software has tools that make teaching and learning easy and effective, namely:

  • Speech recognition tools: Gives instant feedback on speaking and pronunciation.
  • Communication tools: Chat and file sharing so students can exchange information and collaborate with colleagues and teachers.
  • iTutor: Offers personalized lessons based on the student’s progression, to ensure they are mastering their lessons.
  • Reports: Teachers and students can easily see their data and analyze their progress.


White Labelling

ELL provides organizations with the option to white label the online courses. This means businesses, governments, or schools can customize the courses with their own branding. Putting your organization’s brand in front ensures brand identity consistency & endearment among its users.


Supports Online and Blended Learning

With our software, you can choose which teaching option works best for your institution, whether it’s online or blended classroom training. Our foreign language learning software makes it possible for you to pick an option that is best for your organization and students.


English Courses

Knowing how to communicate in English is undeniably significant. We designed our English courses around international standards and real-life needs, to provide learning efficiency. Our English learning programs are:

  • English for Success: The English course that sets your students apart. Designed for young adults and adults, EFS will take your students from a beginner to independent level, CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.
  • Campus: A comprehensive general English course designed for the needs of the Colombian learner, from CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.
  • Business: Business English for professionals and university students, from CEFR B1-B2.
  • Masters: Academic English course focused on writing and grammar, From CEFR C1-C2 level.
  • English Academy: English designed for children in primary education.
  • Winnie’s World: Game-based English learning for pre-readers and young learners.


Idiomas del mundo

Knowing how to communicate in English is undeniably significant. We designed our English courses around international standards and real-life needs, to provide learning efficiency. Our World Language learning programs are:

  • Portugués: Designed for young adults and adults, the Portuguese course will take your students from a beginner to independent level, CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.
  • French: Get your students started with Francés, taking students from CEFR Pre-A1 to A2.
  • Spanish: Designed for young adults and adults, the Spanish course will take your students from a beginner to independent level, CEFR Pre-A1 to B2.
  • Mandarin: A Mandarin course developed for Spanish speakers, students will go from HSK0 to HSK1 level.

With the right language-learning software, it becomes easy for organizations to train their workers, and for schools to facilitate their students in learning a foreign language. If you are considering an online language software for your institution, we hope these features help you make the right choice.

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