Why being bilingual (or even multilingual) is key for 2021 and beyond.

While much of the world was on lockdown, many joked about using the time to learn a new language. Although we assume some people – hopefully many, used the extra time wisely and fine-tuned their language skills, there is a considerable decline in multi-language usage across the world.

The British Acadamy wrote in December that the pandemic and the COVID-19 crisis has been a “wake up call” and a learning moment for how “essential foreign language skills are to international cooperation and highlights the need for anglophone nations to step up language learning.” In many ways, we as English speakers have expected so many foreign counterparts to speak our language but have barely attempted to do the same in return.

That’s why we invite you to take part in this language revolution. Let’s create a bilingual world to connect people through languages.

Being able to communicate in more than one language amplifies our brain’s capacity for learning, innovation, adaptability and opens endless doors you never realized were there. Here’s what becoming at least somewhat fluent in a second language does for you on a personal level:

  • It gives you a step up when interviewing for jobs. More businesses work on a global scale than ever before, and enhancing their brand by introducing someone who can speak to a larger audience is something that will make you stand out to potential employers.
  • You can connect with millions of people, whether you’re building a brand or just looking for friends. Communication is key to connection, and if you can connect and build relationships with an even wider world, you’ll notice how much more value you find in your life.
  • Barriers you once noticed when travelling fall down immediately. You will notice how much more accepted you become by other cultures you visit and how much more respect you receive from those at home.
  • Un-limit yourself. Suppose you ever felt ignorant or inferior due to language barriers, either professionally or personally. In that case, your regard for yourself will increase as well because you will no longer feel limited to only knowing your mother tongue.
  • You’ll realize that it’s never too late to add to your brain, make your life a little fuller, or increase your knowledge and experience. You could be 80 and still benefit from learning a new language – even if it’s to keep your mind in check!
  • We’re serious! Speaking more than one language strengthens your brain and makes it healthier. It’s scientifically proven. Plus, there are different benefits to learning a new language as an adult or as a child.

“Children use both hemispheres of the brain to acquire language, which means they often grasp the emotional implications of language more deeply. In contrast, adults who learned a second language tend to approach problems presented to them in that language in a more rational, detached way. Scientists hypothesize that it’s because adults often acquire language through the left hemisphere of the brain.” – KQED

Now that you’ve found out how learning a foreign language will enhance your personal life, here’s what will happen if more people like you choose to become bilingual or multilingual.

  • The global community, which we have seen continue to grow through technological innovation, will know no bounds.
    Imagine if 7.8 billion people in the world could all be a little closer? What if we didn’t need Google to translate or other apps to communicate? Instead, we could all speak face to face within context to build impeccable relationships. Perhaps we could avoid many of the world conflicts based on simple miscommunications. It’s an almost impossible thought to even think about, but it’s not entirely unbelievable or fiction.
  • Instead of being expected to learn only one language as an infant, we can start a language revolution. We as newly bilingual speakers will then teach our future children both languages as well. These children will grow up with the advantages presented to bilinguals and in return teach their children too. Becoming multilingual could become common. Wouldn’t that be something?


Are you ready to lead this revolution in your organization? Whether you’re looking to build or enhance your institution’s language program, we offer a learning platform integrated with state-of-art content that will make it easier than ever to get started. Reach out for a conversation today.

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