By Maria Camila Rodriguez

A good customer experience is what our buyers expect. That’s why the aim should be to provide an excellent experience that goes beyond expectations.

Ultimately, this sets your organization apart from the competition and ensures customers stay with you and recommend you. It’s essential to create a global experience for the customer that goes beyond satisfaction and becomes a positive reaction and perception of the brand. This involves all the support provided to customers before, during, or after a purchase, helping them have an excellent brand experience. It takes more than simply responding to requests or issues; the concept of service is a crucial part of a brand and is, therefore, critical to the success of your business.

Companies earn three-and-a-half times more if they position customer service as a source of value (Accenture, 2022). Thus, the customer experience should be a proactive component where, in addition to meeting consumer needs, added value is provided, letting them feel comfortable and as if they are part of the organization. After a good customer service experience, there are higher chances of making more purchases.

To create an effective service strategy, it is important to identify the tools at your disposal and make the best use of the following elements:



By understanding the needs and expectations of customers, you can foster customer retention. Remember that keeping customers can be more efficient than seeking new prospects. This is achieved by interacting with them, building good relationships, anticipating their needs, personalizing the service, and increasing trust.


Service Perception

You can evaluate how customers feel about processes, communication, and the service received through satisfaction surveys. This lets you adopt improvements and develop action plans for possible emergencies or risks.

Creating a positive perception of the service increases the chances of being recommended to your customers’ social and professional circles.



Many customers would leave a brand due to poor customer experience or mediocre communication. It’s important to align buyer expectations with what the brand provides. All communication channels, regardless of type, should be integrated and synchronized to ensure smooth conversations, reduce customer effort, and reduce response times.

To strengthen ties with customers and connect with them from a different perspective, offering consultations, training, webinars, and sharing exciting content through email and social media are effective strategies to keep them updated on organizational news, events, and other relevant information.



Providing an exceptional service experience ensures customer loyalty and recommendations, ultimately leading to the growth of a brand. Establishing an emotional connection and a deeper customer relationship is important through active listening, empathy, assertive communication, and a consistent attitude. This creates loyalty and commitment to the brand, resulting in a preference over others in the market.


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