The partnership allows Everybody Loves Languages’ network of distributors, institutions and teachers to support students in their pursuit of education at the world’s leading institutions.


TORONTO, July 12, 2021 – ELL Technologies Ltd., DBA as Everybody Loves Languages (“Everybody Loves Languages” or the “Company“), an EdTech company that is ‘building a multilingual world’ through innovative online technologies and solutions, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a global alliance with StudentApply, an integrated admissions platform connecting international students and recruitment partners with the world’s leading educational institutions.

Founded by experienced student recruitment directors from prominent global education groups, StudentApply is a revolutionary platform that enables students to apply to multiple educational institutions across numerous countries with a single application. Through the partnership, Everybody Loves Languages and StudentApply are incentivizing teachers to help their students apply to leading educational institutions. Everybody Loves Languages teachers can refer their students to StudentApply, which will then guide them through the application process and help them achieve their goal of studying abroad. Students will benefit from simplified access to renowned institutions along with specialized support and recommendations. The StudentApply application fee will also be waived.

“StudentApply aims to demystify the process of higher education,” explained Steve Carter, Chief Commercial Officer of StudentApply. “The partnership with Everybody Loves Languages will allow us to reach a broader network, ensuring that more students can access the best possible academic programs to fulfill their dreams.” The platform’s intuitive, user-friendly design makes the application process easy for both teachers and students. Once an account is created, teachers can launch the application for their students and monitor each student’s progress via a single dashboard.

“Like Everybody Loves Languages, StudentApply supports global education and connects people around the world through the journey of learning,” said Gali Bar-Ziv, President & CEO of Everybody Loves Languages. “Through this partnership, we’re adding value to our community of language learners and helping teachers become even better mentors. Teachers can guide their students, institutions can expand their international footprint, and students can access the best possible academic programs – everybody benefits.”

The Company will launch a pilot program in the upcoming months, starting with interested teachers in Latin America. To learn more about Everybody Loves Languages, visit elltechnologies.com. To learn more about StudentApply, visit studentapply.org.

About StudentApply

StudentApply is a global edtech platform that connects international students from all over the world with leading universities and colleges. Their mission is to extend educational opportunities to students from even the most remote countries or regions using technology. StudentApply has partnered with hundreds of highly ranked universities, including Russell Group institutions in the UK, top 100 US colleges, and leading institutions from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, which gives students maximum choice and opportunity and university partners increased diversity.

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About ELL Technologies Everybody Loves Languages

ELL Technologies Ltd., also known as Everybody Loves Languages, is a language-learning company based in Toronto, Canada. With over 25 years of experience in EdTech, ELL is on a mission to build a multilingual world, using state-of-the-art technology and first-class language-learning content and methodology. Its programs provide innovative SaaS-based eLearning solutions including assessments, online and offline content, real-time reports, speech recognition technology and white-label tools. Through more than 2,500 hours of content in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French and Portuguese, ELL aims to connect people around the world not just through languages, but through the journey of learning them.

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