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Everybody Loves Languages (ELL) is a leading e-learning content and technology solution provider serving a global market.

All-in-One Language Learning Ecosystem

While teaching language was always at our foundation, our first chapters started in a world of technology. Innovation is at the core of ELL, always aiming to empower educators with the best technology in an ever-changing learning environment.

What separates us from our competitors is our ecosystem for our institutional customers. Our offerings combine educational content, flagship LMS, complimentary applications as well as robust reporting capabilities.



Assessment Solutions

Real-time Reporting

Licenses Management

White-label Customization

Online Content

Intelligent Learning


English Lessons Library

Mobile App

Speech Recognition Tools

Printable Workbooks


Communication Tools

Learn More About Our Technology


Our Learning Management System was designed specifically for the needs of teaching languages online or in a blended environment.


We know that students dread speaking, and often they don’t get enough practice. Not anymore. Meet Lucy, our intelligent avatar that students can practice conversations with.

Ola App

Our brand new app Ola recommends personalized content and provides additional speaking practice for ELL students to take their English learning to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence

Meet iTutor, our intelligent tutor that uses machine learning to recommend lesson plans and activities based on the learner’s progress.

What We Do

Everybody Loves Languages (ELL) combines over two decades of language learning content with state-of-the-art technology. We strive to enable educators in delivering personalized learning experiences in blended classrooms and online.

With offices located both in Canada and China, we offer a diverse selection of education programs and advanced Learning Methodology and Content Management Systems (LMS) for K-12, higher education and corporations.

Adapting to any classroom situation or individual student’s learning pace, ELL’s learning ecosystem leads the language education industry with full support to teachers’ pedagogies, resulting in tangible achievements for any student learning a new language.

Our Mission

To build a multilingual world using the best technologies and language learning methodologies.

Our Vision

To connect people not just through languages, but through the journey of learning them.

Our 5E Approach to Language Learning


We use the data we collect to continually improve our ecosystem. With our extensive library of programs, there is a lot to gather. The more we learn about our educators and students through pattern recognition and behavioural studies, the better environment we can create for learning a language.


We leave no stone left unturned. The process of learning is deep. Every day, we learn something new about the teaching process. We are a team that never stops delving into the world of education and uncovering new ways to teach and learn.


To learn effectively, we believe one must be energized. Teaching is no different in that regard. What is attractive, however, varies from person to person. That is why our approach to education must be just as adaptable to every individual.


Success comes from overcoming your struggles and failures. Learning a language is not an easy undertaking. There will be times when students may doubt themselves when it comes to learning a language. Our tools and methods must provide them with the confidence needed to make it over those hills.


Above all, our work must result in the student’s love for the learning process. For students to attain the necessary academic qualifications is never enough; cultivating a visceral attachment to the act of learning sets them up for a lifetime of success through the self-directed discovery of new lessons beyond languages.

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