Intelligent Tutor

Deliver a personalized and adaptive language learning experience to your students.

How can you offer a tutor to every student?

Some would say it’s impossible, but not us. We know that having a human tutoring every student isn’t a scalable solution. You’ve tried, we tried, and we all failed. But then our engineering team devised the next best thing: an artificial intelligence and machine learning program, the i-Tutor.

Our intelligent tutor system analyzes learning data from students to deliver complementary activities and lesson plans. The more the students use the iTutor, the more it learns. The system then becomes more robust and can predict and assess future learning behaviour.

How iTutor Works


Personalized Exercices

Lesson plans and exercises are automatically recommended and adapted based on students’ needs and progress.

Ola App

Students can access their suggested exercises through our mobile app Ola, available on iOS and Android devices.

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