English AcadeMe

Learn English with Hollywood!

English AcadeMe is the ultimate resource library of English language learning using Hollywood movies!

English AcadeMe enables teachers to assign lessons and units for more effective learning (or practice).

Movies Included

Hours of
Learning Content


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Course Highlights:

  • For students 12+
  • CEFR standards (Pre A1B2)
  • Lessons features 21st Century Skills and follow a CLT and TaskBased Approach
  • Practice Speaking with your favorite characters

What’s included:

  • Each unit comprises 3 lessons
  • Practice all 4 skills
  • Lesson plans for teachers
  • Interactive Movie Lessons
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Why Choose ELL?

Easy Management

Manage and control your users and data.

Customize the look and feel, create users, manage licenses, view reports, and assign tests, all from one control panel.

Language Ecosystem

Offer your students a comprehensive program.

Access a 24/7 online learning system with real-time reporting, speech recognition tools, assessment and printable content.

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