Winnie’s World

Fun and Interactive English Course. No reading required!

Winnie’s World encourages children to learn English naturally by watching, listening, and engaging in a fun and imaginative world of language.

They will learn how to:

  • Count in English (from1-10)
  • Recognize and speak keywords and phrases
  • Understand spoken English on topics such as numbers, colours, family, clothing, parts of the body, school, food, feelings, and emotions.
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Target Words for
Active Acquisition

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Integrated Learning Model

An integrated approach creates learning experiences that call on more than one discipline or subject. The course is based on a cycle that starts with a teacher presentation, moving to guided practice, then independent practice and finally, reinforcement and consolidation.

Blended Learning

Designed to be used with blended learning, the Winnie’s World course can include a full set of materials that are available to enhance the blended learning experience.

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Language Ecosystem

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