ETP | English Teacher Prep

Modernizing your English Classroom!

The ETP – English Teacher Prep course is a course designed to help teachers become familiar with Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

Catered to teachers with a CEFR English proficiency of B1 and above, ETP looks at the methodology and learning systems and develops strategies for effective teaching.

With 120 hours of content, the course focuses on practical information on creating and using long-term plans and lesson plans. In addition, its offline content will leave teachers with a robust portfolio full of engaging English classes ready to be used.

ETP Course

Hours of
Methodology Content

Worksheets to Build a
Portfolio to Use in Class

Unit Tests to Assess
the Learner’s Understanding

TEFL Certification

Teachers who complete the ETP course will qualify to receive our TEFL Certificate and digital badge.

Inexperienced Teachers
New teachers with no formal teaching experience, with a minimum level of CEFR B1.

Experienced Educators
Educators seeking a professional development certification to refresh their knowledge and increase their teaching toolbox.

University Graduates
University students, seeking an exciting opportunity to travel and broaden their horizons.

ETP Certificate

Course Features

Key Pedagogical Features

  • The Communicative Language Approach
  • Present, Practice Produce (PPP) & Test Teach Test (TTT)
  • Multiple Intelligences: teaching towards students’ strengths

Learning Points

outlines methodology, skills, teaching methods, and materials that can be used.

Practice questions

explore how items discussed in the stimulus can be used by students. Learners complete exercises that they can possibly adapt to use in their own classrooms.


with revision material and practical homework tasks to build a portfolio of materials and ideas that can be transferred to classroom use.

Unit Tests

that assess the learner’s understanding of concepts and strategies taught in the unit.

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