Flip Not to Flop: Flipped Classroom as A Tool for Success

Our guest speaker, Leticia Moraes, will discuss the impact of flipped classroom in the ELT world.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What does flipped classroom involve?
  • What are the implications of flipped classroom in the ELT world?
  • Is the flipped classroom also effective to learn a language?
  • To what extent does it make sense for the ELT classroom?
  • How can its potential advantages lead to a more successful learning process?
Guest speaker: Leticia Moraes
Leticia Moraes has been involved in ELT for more than 20 years. She has experience with all ages and levels and, recently, she has been dealing especially with materials writing and teacher education. She has articles published in ELT newsletters in Brazil and abroad, and is an experienced speaker, having taken part in national and international conferences and online events. She is a Delta and ICELT holder; has a BA in English Language and Literature from Universidade de São Paulo, and a post-graduation in Distance Learning from Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul. She is currently a partner at Troika, joint Events Coordinator of the IATEFL YLTSIG, and a member of the C-group.
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