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June 2021

Teaching Different Age Groups Online








Teaching Different Age Groups Online

In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of relating to what is going on in your students’ worlds according to their age group. We will learn how to look back at when we were their age and wonder what appealed to us then and if it will still resonate with them today. We will also look at ways to effectively engage the age groups you are teaching by keeping your lessons meaningful, relatable and above all… fun!

Certificate: All attendees will receive an attendance certificate.

Recording: Can’t make it at this time? No problem, register to receive the recording and watch it on-demand.

Webinars On-Demand

Keeping Connected: Leveraging Body Language as Your Virtual Superpower

Discover how to use body language as a superpower to elevate your communication and increase productivity.
This presentation covers the must-haves when virtually communicating and provides you with tips and tricks for reading and engaging students online.

Watch on Demand now - April 2021 Webinar

Interact and Engage! Activities for Engaging Virtual Teaching

Learn what you can do to be successful in the virtual environment. The speaker discusses design considerations to discover how engaging online teaching activities build engagement, how to determine the appropriate level of interaction to create effective live online learning, and more!

Inspiring Apprentices: The Master Teacher’s Toolbox

As language teachers, we want our students to communicate with others to understand and be understood in their new language. In this workshop, we will consider the apprenticeship model and its applications to our teaching and explore some tools of the masters to help make your learning stick, as you help your students progress along the continuum from beginner to expert communicators.

How to Implement Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners

ELLs can experience anxiety which prevents them from moving forward in their learning, and often this goes unnoticed by the teacher. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to understand the mindset of the English Language Learner while building a repertoire of classroom strategies.

Corporate Events

ELL Latam Partner Summit 2021

Every year in January, we invite our partners for a year-kick-of. We highlight all the new and exciting things we have planned for the year and celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments and winners in this meeting.

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Past Events | Recordings

ELL Technologies To Help Teachers In Response To COVID-19 Reality

A webinar led by David Boughton, ELL Technologies’ Director of Pedagogy, will introduce teachers to tools and teaching methodologies for enhancing online learning and outcomes for students.

Seminario ELL: Enseñando Inglés en un Entorno Virtual – la Nueva Realidad

En esta sesión de una hora, investigaremos herramientas digitales y técnicas de enseñanza para mejorar la experiencia en línea de sus estudiantes.

Webinar – Teaching English Online: the New Reality

In this 1-hour webinar from ELL Technologies, you will learn strategies for teaching English online.

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